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Still booking dental appointments the old fashioned way? Get Windchime and start saving!

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Dentists have unfilled appointments they need to fill.

So they post those appointments on Windchime and offer an exclusive discount.

You find an appointment time that works for you, book it on the spot and save.

Dentists on Windchime agree to a fair set of fees, so a discount really is a discount.

Need multiple visits?

As long as you book through Windchime the discount displayed applies.

We’re growing in the SF Bay Area and so are your options!

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Windchime is currently only available for use in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. Not in the Bay Area? Join the waitlist.

Need a dental appointment today?

...or tomorrow? That’s when discounts are highest! If you don’t see an open time, request the next available and still get a discount.

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Save on dental care on the go, only on your phone.

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Refer a friend and receive a $25 Amazon gift card when they book.

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